Usa Being Torn Down



In regard to the letter, “USA being torn down” in the Sept. 1 mail call, I wish to comment on the last paragraph, which reads as follows: “Maybe it is too late to ask God to bless America. Maybe our only saving grace is for America to bless God.”

It’s never too late to ask God for his blessings or his help.

Remember the Thief on the Cross? God wants to hear from us. The problem is that he’s not hearing from enough of us or very often.

We as a nation, including our leaders, seem to think we can fix things without God’s blessings or help. And our only saving grace is Christ’s death and resurrection. We as a nation, including our leaders and justices, need to get back to being a Christian nation. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Psalm 33:12.

And finally, it seems rather arrogant to think that America has anything to offer to invoke Divine care or to protect or preserve God.

The only thing God wants is our penitent hearts. May God bless America. And may America recognizes and be thankful for His blessings.

Bill Popelier


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