Writers’ Effort Will Help Rescue Horses

Local authors publish a book to raise money for Star Valley horse rescue operation


Obviously riders love horses.

But writers?

Of course they do.

Look no further than the fund-raiser a slew of Rim Country writers have lassoed to raise money for some hard-luck horses and all of it right in the middle of another herd of First Friday strollers.

The event marks a joyful intersection of good works and good words, pulled together by the Payson Area Writers Society.

The group of local writers rounded up about 70 short pieces of writing and herded them all into a 226-page book — “Echoes from the Rim,” an anthology of drama, poetry, short stories and non-fiction pieces.

Aachanon Publishing in Star Valley agree to print copies of the book “on demand” at a low rate, so that the writers could sell the book for $15 a copy and turn $10 over to New Hope Equine Rescue.

New Hope provides a refuge for abused and abandoned horses, including horses kept pregnant to produce estrogen used in various drugs, and then sent off to the slaughterhouse.

Jean Gross, with New Hope, says at the moment the Star Valley ranch has 10 animals that need adoptive homes, including eight horses and two burros.

The group takes in horses, heals their physical and emotional traumas, trains and gentles them, then adopts them out for $400 to $1,000 each, which helps cover the cost of the treatment and rehabilitation.

“We get them vet checked, feet trimmed then evaluated, to see how much training they’ve had and how much damage they’ve suffered,” said Gross.

New Hope seeks grants and donations to help offset some of the costs of the effort of love. To make donations, call (928) 468-1514 or check out the Web site at www. newhopepmuequinerescue.org.

On the other hand, people can also head down to the festivities on First Friday and help the horses and enjoy the efforts of local writers at the same time.

The writers will offer copies of “Echoes from the Rim” for sale to people taking advantage of the First Friday opening of galleries and other stores along Payson’s historic Main Street.

In addition, people can buy the book at any time from the Red Elephant Bakery and Bootleg Alley Antiques.

“We’re hoping to raise as much as we possibly can,” said Katy Rozetto, a member of the writers group who has just published a book of her own — “Flying High, soaring above the tragedies of life.”

“Echoes from the Rim” has corralled a wonderful diversity of talent, with stories about javelinas, lost love, racial prejudice, first dates, cats, butterflies, movie stars, grief and lopsided birthday cakes.

“I was just so impressed by the brilliance that comes through from the writers in this book,” said Rozetto. “I’m extremely impressed by the heart they share.”

She said the connection to New Hope seemed natural, struggling writers lending their voices to help abused, doomed and abandoned horses.

“These are horses that have been used for their estrogen — the mares are kept pregnant until they’re pretty well worn out, then they’re often put down or used for other products. New Hope has been retrieving those horses — so it’s a very gallant maneuver on their part.”

So, you might say, the writers are now riding to the rescue.

Or would that be writing to the rescue?


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