Affluent People Of Payson Need To Donate To The Humane Society



Dear Affluent people of Payson,

The time is now to complete the new Humane Society animal shelter! There are many projects that need doing, but this one is Payson’s No. 1 priority at this time. Let’s all rally around this cause and get it done soon. By my definition, an affluent person is one who has $500,000 or more in net assets.

If each one of Payson’s affluent persons gave 10 percent of their assets (50,000), this project could be started again. I am not affluent, but since 2002, I have given more than one-third of my assets away, and will continue to give. Try it, and you’ll also feel the good feelings that generosity brings; also God will reward you with spiritual gifts. These days, money in the bank and in the stock market doesn’t get much interest. Affluent people of Payson, invest in the good of the whole, starting with the Humane Society animal shelter. You won’t regret it. Be generous!

Rema J. Done


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