Cheaters Corrupt Government



Childhood sports are among my fondest memories. Do you remember using a sock for a ball and a stick for a bat?

Sports satisfy natural competitive urges while teaching life lessons about integrity, fairness and honesty. We developed consistent and unchanging game rules, which enabled our natural talent while the joy of competing produced “winners” lasting only until the next game. Rule changes suggesting favoritism (called cheating) were forbidden and always produced conflict. No one would play with “that kind of person,” so we learned to play by the rules, and equally important, to leave the rules alone.

In my lifetime, politicians in association with various activist groups have become exactly “that kind of person.” Like children, they continuously seek to change the rules (laws) to favor themselves or their “team.” This has created enormous national conflict while dividing America into groups corrupted by selfishness.

The Constitution begins, “we the people,” not “we the Republicans or Democrats.” Favoritism (cheating) corrupted our childhood games, so it’s no surprise it corrupts American politics. It’s time “we the people” demand our politicians end favoritism and pass rules (laws) equally applied to everyone, including Congress, or we should vote them from office.

Jim Hinton

Payson Tea Party,

We the people taking our country back.


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