Do Something That Has Real Value



Here is an oxymoron; “Christian Militia.” If one truly believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, one or 20 would not be out to kill anyone. We hear about right wing “Christian activists” committing crimes and plotting attacks on our police and politicians while harboring hatred toward groups or races.

What bothers me the most is that they claim to be serving God as if God were looking down from heaven all pleased with their murderous and evil intentions. The Apostle Peter swore to Jesus that he would die with him, then cut the ear off of one of the Roman soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane, and denied that he knew Jesus with curses.

After 40 days, Christ came to them and shared his Spirit, commanding them to walk in love and live in peace with everyone. On that day, Peter received a beating for his preaching, but instead of retaliating, he prayed for those who beat him and rejoiced that he was counted worthy to suffer for his Lord.

Nowhere in the gospels does Jesus tell his followers to commit murder or hate others. His message was one of love and mercy, not revenge and overthrow. John the beloved disciple said: If anyone says that he loves God, but hates his brother, he is a liar and the truth is not in him.

Down through history, men and women have died for the cause of love and have stood firm in their resolve to further the Kingdom of God through non-violent means, like feeding the hungry and spreading the good news that Jesus Christ offers eternal life to those who truly receive him and that he is going to straighten up the world one day. He said to go out into the highways and the byways and invite people to come to a wedding not a funeral.

When Mary went to the tomb and saw that Jesus was raised, she rejoiced because she knew that she would have his Love forever, just as he promised while he was with them.

If Jesus really is alive, then his true followers will be like him, walking in grace and truth and not out blowing up potential followers.

Those who conspire to commit violence have never known him or been known by him. If I were an enemy of Christ, I would seek to attach his name to my fringe, lunatic-based gathering of nuts and fanatical kooks too! These oxymorons need to have their hearts changed and clean up their minds by the truth of God’s word, then maybe they can do something that has real value, like loving others as Jesus commanded us to do.

Jim French


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