We All Pay The Bills For Uninsured



Five of the nation’s largest health care corporations posted record profits last year. United Health, Wellpoint, Aetna, Humana and Cigna managed to do this in a year when their enrollment dropped by 2.7 million Americans. Three of these corporations shifted more of their premiums out of providing coverage to executive salaries and administrative overhead.

Anthem Blue Cross of CA (a subsidiary of Wellpoint) raised premiums by 39 percent. The CEO of United Health “earned” $124.8 million last year.

The “icing” on all these sweet events is the “Supremes” (Sam Alito, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas) decision that corporations are people. They now have the right to speak in an election and their voice and money will be heard above the rest of us.

Seriously folks, this is where we should direct our ire. None of us can speak louder than the money from the corporate world. This decision needs to be abolished.

Getting back to health care, it makes a lot more sense to tell Congress what we expect from health care coverage than to depend on what we now have. Nothing stays the same and we will all pay the bills for the uninsured.

Tom and Becky McGuigan


Ronald Hamric 6 years, 9 months ago

Not real sure why some keep saying that the Supreme Court decision inferred that corporations are "people". Corporations are made up of "people" just as are unions. And one of the largest corporations that gets to inject their biased views into the political environment without so much as a "by your leave, sir" are the newspaper corporate giants of this nation. As a previous union member, I had my dues deducted, then spent on candidates that I actually went into the ballot box and voted against. I see the right of coprporations to express their collective views easily as equal to their counterparts, unions, and it appears the SC justices felt the same. And for those that fear they will be bamboozled by the political ads now able to be put forth by "corporations", shame on you for being so gullible. As the mainstream media is now finding out, people simply no longer by into everything they read or hear from obviously biased sources. I would suggest that to be a wise position for anyone who currently might let others decide for them.


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