Craft Store Doles Out Fun With Classes, Supplies

Black and Tan Tales craft store offers more than just paints and brushes, a wide variety of gifts are also available.


Black and Tan Tales craft store offers more than just paints and brushes, a wide variety of gifts are also available.



Alexis Bechman/Roundup

Leanne Pocalun Owner of Black and Tan Tales, LLC


Alexis Bechman/Roundup

Nicole and Naomi DePugh say they love working at the store because they get to make crafts.

Leanne Pocalun loves having fun with crafts. From porcelain dolls, to quilting and beading, and even pet scrapbooking, Pocalun loves learning new techniques and sharing them with friends.

After moving to Payson six years ago, Pocalun realized she could not always find what she needed for a project, so she decided to open her own craft supply store.

In October, Black and Tan Tales craft store opened in the Safeway Shopping Center. The pet-themed store is named after Pocalun’s bloodhounds.

The quaint shop is reminiscent of a Michaels art and crafts store, just on a smaller scale. Walls are covered with beading, painting, stained glass, doll house, cake decorating, quilting, doll making and model supplies, just to name a few.

Colorful silk flowers spew into an aisle, examples of finished projects sit neatly by supplies and a colorful display in the front even offers glittery gifts.

Pocalun said she tried to create an atmosphere that “is all about the fun.”

Classes are open to everyone, men and women, and range in difficulty.

If you always wanted to make a porcelain doll from the first firing to the final outfit, Pocalun has a class. Or if you always wanted to crochet or knit, but were too scared to try, Pocalun has a class for that. Surprisingly, some of her biggest knitters are men.

What is great about crafts is anyone can do them, Pocalun said.

Since opening, the number of items carried in the store has more than doubled. Every week someone new comes in requesting a new item and Pocalun said she can custom order just about anything.

Recently, customers have asked for more hobby crafts, although one section of wall already holds hundreds of models.

Heartfelt rewards

Pocalun explained she first fell in love with crafts at an early age. After working in the corporate world for many years, she realized she wanted something more rewarding than a paycheck every week.

“In the corporate world there are no heartfelt rewards,” she said. “With this I can give back.”

In the late ’80s, Pocalun owned a similar craft store in Baldwinsville, N.Y. for four years. When she moved, she was forced to close the store, but said she always knew she wanted to open another store.

The new store is the perfect place to pick up a paintbrush or sign up for a class, which range from one day to a few weeks.

Black and Tan Tales is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday.

For more information or to sign up for a class, call (928) 474-9711.


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