Other Non-Profits Require Background Checks



This letter is in response to Ms. Rothenbach’s letter on March 23. I have to say that I am well informed that Payson Community Kid is not the only non-profit that requires a background check at the expense of the volunteer. The Time Out Shelter and Big Brothers Big Sisters all require a background check that the volunteer is required to pay for.

I am also aware that Suzy and Chris have stepped up to help the children grieve for the loss of the previous director and continue in assisting the Payson “at risk” children.

I believe that the makeup of the board consists of working individuals who have a deep concern in the community and its future (the children). They are volunteering and they should not be attacked. Volunteering with children is a huge liability and should not be taken lightly and background checks should be required to protect every child.

Suzy and Chris both have full-time jobs exceeding 40 hours per week and still manage to work and contribute their own time and money for the good of Payson’s Community Kids. Instead of trying to impede their fine work for the community, maybe Ms. Rothenbach should take a step back and look at the overall picture and the responsibilities these two have taken on with no expectation of reward except that of a child’s smile and well-being. I believe that instead of unwarranted criticisms, maybe a small amount of compassion and consideration should be forthcoming from Mrs. Rothenbach.

Amber Mitchell


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