Rodeo Parade Without Sponsor, Gets Canceled


With the fate of the Main Street program up in the air, the Green Valley Redevelopment Area Commission decided not to take the spring rodeo parade over Thursday, and with no one available to plan it, the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee has canceled the event.

GVRA Chairman Chuck Proudfoot said there was no way the commission could take over sponsorship of the rodeo parade long-term since the commission will be dissolved June 30 following a March 18 vote by the Payson Town Council to end the group.

“The motivating factor not to participate was as a group we have other things on our plate, and clearly they came to us to take it over into the future,” Proudfoot said. “There is no way to fulfill the request.”

On March 4, Payson Pro Rodeo Committee (PPRC) Secretary Ruth Klaver asked the GVRA Commission if it was interested in taking over the spring Main Street parade indefinitely, since the 120-member committee no longer had the time to organize it with a spring and fall rodeo to plan as well as several fund-raising dances at the Oxbow Saloon.

Klaver tried to convince the board that planning the parade would be easy. Proudfoot said he knew the commission had the talent to put on a parade, since it has organized the electric light parade for the last nine years; however, it would be impossible to do with the commission disbanding.

PPRC Vice President Robert Klaver said without the GRVA commission’s help, and with the Aero Fair falling on the same day as the proposed parade, the event would be canceled. The committee may put the parade back on in the future, Klaver said.

Proudfoot said although the GVRA Commission will disappear, some form of the Main Street program will continue.

Asked if he would work with a new Main Street group, Proudfoot said he had not given it much thought and was more concerned with Easter festivities.

“The GVRA is clearly confused about how it is going to transition, but the staff has been very clear that the Main Street program would continue,” he said.

At a May 6 GVRA meeting, the commission is planning a Power Point slide show of the group’s major accomplishments over the last 10 years. The group will also explore how the Main Street program will continue.

The GVRA Commission was established in 2000 by the Payson Town Council to redevelop the Main Street area.

The town hoped the group would clean up blighted sections, develop the area into a major tourist and commercial zone and, with a historical distinction, attract state and federal grants.


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