Water Rate Increase Untimely



A proposed 20 percent increase in water rates is indeed untimely with people faced with job uncertainty and higher taxes at all levels.

The question arises as to why is such a large increase needed and why now? A review of the Town’s FY 2009 Operating Statements, on page 3, indicate that the water department had annual revenue from customers of $3,480,549 and net operating expenses of $3,132,711 resulting in a net favorable cash flow of $347,838 for the year. In addition, the water department had cash and investments on hand of $8,236,711.

It appears that Payson’s water department has money and is making money to meet current needs, so why is a 20 percent rate increase which would result in additional revenue of approximately $700,000 annually needed now?

Jim Hippel, co-chair

Bill Michaelis, co-chair

Citizens Awareness Committee


Dan Varnes 6 years, 9 months ago

I want to know WHO brought up this tax increase. I want names!

If it was some type of committee, then WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?

We need to know who these people are that haven't the foggiest idea that increasing taxes in a depression (yes, I said DEPRESSION) is destructive to communities, citizens and businesses.

NAMES, please!


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