Where Is Ann Kirkpatrick?



This week and next, the Congress is on recess so the representatives could go to their home districts and talk to their constituents about D.C. happenings. I have called her D.C. office three times as well as the Flagstaff office since Monday, and none of her “helpers” can tell me where she’s at in CD1. There is nothing listed on her Web site.

I want to share some of my concerns, particularly about the new health care law that requires hiring 16,000 IRS agents to “enforce” it (doesn’t that scare you).

Well, I know she is traveling around CD1. I found out late Wednesday that Kirkpatrick would be in Globe to dedicate a new train engine for the railway in town. But her staff in both D.C. and Flagstaff knew nothing of this.

Instead of taking these two weeks to meet with her constituents, she would rather hide and travel incognito in CD1! It has become obvious that she doesn’t want to tell her constituents where she’s at for fear of having to talk to them about her votes in D.C.

Isn’t it terrible when our own elected representative is so worried and defensive about her votes that she can’t face her constituents? What has happened to this republic? Seems to me we need to replace her with a representative who will represent Payson as well as all the citizens of CD1 and confident enough to explain their votes face to face with the people.

Don Ascoli


Dan Varnes 6 years, 9 months ago

I wonder what line of work Ann will be going back to after she's been booted out of office in a few months?


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