Progressive Agenda And Scare Tactics



Progressive has a pretty name and leads one to believe that it is for good progress when in fact it is destroying our country from the inside out.

Examples of this: Phoenix has taken Pearl Harbor Day off the calendar and put in its place Muslim Independence Day, the school funding protesters have designs and wordage on their signs from communist countries, young kids used as “props” for commercials to advance an agenda, Al Gore on tape telling students that “they” need to educate their parents as if we are stupid, dictator-like songs being sung in schools, Payson leaders fear mongering residents about home rule, the private sector being destroyed through this administration to make more people dependent on the government, health care being shoved down our throats which will give ultimate control to government in our choices and strip our freedoms. No matter your political party, we are Americans and owe it to our children and grandchildren to save this country that we hardly know anymore.

The fixes: all city, state and federal budgets cut to bare bones, lose the bad politicians and teachers in the cuts. Parents need to get involved and a lot of volunteer work needs to happen.

The ultimate fix will be Americans holding on to their faith, helping family, friends and neighbors. We are Americans and we live in the greatest country on Earth. Generations before us struggled so we could have a better life and it is now time for us to sacrifice for future generations.

God bless America!

Ruth Colin


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 9 months ago

As a progressive, I am more amused than insulted at this blatant misinformation. Yes, Phoenix, the great conservative bastion of the west, decided to name December 7 "Muslim Independence Day". If you believe that, I've got some beachfront property in Payson to sell you.

It is refreshing to see that you openly admit to the Rethuglican Party's education policy being to either privatize this important service or reduce teachers to unpaid volunteers. People like you make me sick, and it upsets me that the Roundup saw fit to publish your nonsense.


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