Thanks To Dedicated Npg Crew



I am sure that there were several calls to the NPG call center on the afternoon of Saturday. April 3, after a man took a service pole down with his truck. I am sure it will be in our local paper this week (Roundup, April 6). What I am not sure of is, that while everyone was angry because they were inconvenienced, if anyone gave thought to the man or to the crew at NPG Cable that worked through the night.

This letter is to thank the entire crew of NPG Cable, that spent a sleepless night and some of their Easter Sunday repairing the fiber optic line that was shredded. Some of you will say, well it’s their job. But these men still had to sacrifice their time and efforts because of an unforeseen issue.

In our busy world, I sometimes feel that none of us really thinks of the people who work tirelessly through the night, or that a man was nearly killed. Unfortunately, all of us who went without out service, or were angry because we were slightly inconvenienced only know just that, we are inconvenienced!

I hope my letter reminds all of us, to step back and appreciate the fact that all of these employees probably were not able to enjoy the plans made to spend with their families on Easter Sunday. But instead were getting some much-needed sleep after assuring that we could continue to have service.

Thank you guys and gals at NPG for the continued excellent customer service you provide.

Rosie Buchea


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