Government Can Live Within Financial Constraints



At yesterday’s supervisors meeting in Globe, John Nelson, Gila County acting county manager, made a significant announcement.

John pointed out that the 1980 Citizens Initiative that begat Home Rule for municipalities, also applied to countries. This Initiative mandated that Arizona political units, post 1980, could only spend what they spent in 1980 plus additions for population growth and the national inflation factor.

As we all know, this law was quickly by-passed by “Home Rule” which said that the voters in any political unit could give their administrators more money if the voters thought the administrators could spend the voters’ money more wisely than the voters themselves would. This has been the case for most municipalities ever since.

However, John in reporting on the 2008 Gila County finances said, Gila County had managed to live within the limits of the 1980 initiative.

It can be done.

Congratulations are in order to all Gila County employees for demonstrating that a political unit can live within the same financial constraints that its constituents are forced to deal with.

Dan Adams


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