Legislative Malfeasance Should Not Be Tolerated



Our state parks are in danger of being closed, our schools are laying off copious numbers of teachers, our rest areas are being shut down, our libraries are being shuttered or forced into reduced hours, and health care for kids is being eliminated.

What has happened to our once proud, prosperous, and empathetic Arizona? Of course we’ve been the victims of a nationwide recession, but our problems appear to be more symptomatic of internal political malfeasance at the state level.

Our state legislators have been myopic, negligent, and partisan in attempting to deal with our financial woes. Every incumbent state legislator needs to lose their position in the November 2010 election.

Since the majority in both the House and in the Senate are Republicans, they richly deserve to lose their seats and absolute control of the legislative branch of state government.

Since Republicans can’t agree on solutions to our problems among themselves (we have to vote on the 1 percent sales tax increase because they wouldn’t pass it as a group!), and they fight against a GOP governor instead of working with her, the GOP legislators have lost all credibility when it comes to solving our almost insurmountable financial problems in Arizona.

Vote for Democrats, Republicans or Independents in November 2010, but vote for new blood in the state legislature in less than seven months. Legislative malfeasance should not be tolerated!

Richard K. Meszar


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 9 months ago

This ought to be told from the mountaintops to the valleys. When our legislature ruthlessly cuts education and public safety while extending a $20 million handout to the militias on our southern border, you know there is a problem with the priorities of the men and women within it. Sylvia Allen is an embarrassment on a national scale.


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