Chili Cookoff, Horse Race May 1 In Christopher Creek

Alissa with her prize at the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Easter Egg Hunt on April 3.

Alissa with her prize at the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Easter Egg Hunt on April 3.


The Christopher Creek Visitors Association Chili Cookoff and Kentucky Derby will be May 1 held at the Creekside Restaurant.

An invitation was mailed out to all state fire and police departments to see who might want to join in. Of course all the local talent is encouraged to come out and get cookin’. The festivities will start off at 6 a.m. with a $5 breakfast buffet at the Creekside Restaurant and the chili cookoff registration is from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. with judging starting just after lunchtime.

Locals can participate for free, winning a ribbon and small prize for first place. Everyone can join in the “big prize competition” for $30 ($20 if you’re affiliated with a fire or police department). Other vendors are also encouraged to display their wares ($10 vendor fee).

And now my favorite part: attendees or “tasters” can pay a $2 entry allowing them to try a chili sample from all of the contestants.

Creekside will also be providing a beer garden, music, serving mint juleps and have the Kentucky Derby showing.


Photos courtesy of Judy Tolle

Emma found 49 eggs and Elias found one egg at the Easter egg hunt in Christopher Creek.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Annual Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Easter Egg Hunt on April 3 was a great time for all. This year the weather cooperated — the weather was absolutely beautiful. The adults turned out to enjoy the nice weather as well.

Thank you to the property owners who have allowed us to have it by the creek on Columbine.

We had about 17 kids with some kids showing up a little late. Those who showed up late found a few eggs, but when I asked some of our local children to share they did. That’s what makes this a great community.

The winners in ages 7 through 12 were Marcus Johnson with the most eggs and Alissa with the least eggs gave all of her eggs to the late comers.

The winners in ages 6 and under were Emma Helmick with the most eggs and Elias with just one egg for the least eggs. We also had a raffle prize egg that went to Maddy.

All the kids had a ball. It took three of us about 45 minutes to hide them and they picked them all clean within about 20 minutes, including the kids who came late.

Mimi Tidwell was on hand to watch her great-great-grandson, Jolian. The Christopher Creek Homeowners officers Ron Louch, president, Judy Tolle, secretary and our helper, Nanci Olsen were on hand to get things ready. Thank you Nanci for your help. Dee and Jeff Daniels stepped in to see that nobody went too close to the creek edge. The creek is still running pretty swiftly, and besides, it’s very cold water.

The children who were staying at Camp Tontozona were very grateful to everyone for sharing. Their crew came up here thinking they were going fishing up on top the Rim. What a surprise they got when none of the roads were even opened yet. Usually by now you can get in there and walk to them. A reminder of the snows we’ve had this winter.

Thank you to everyone for attending.

A reminder: our Christopher Creek Homeowners Association meeting will be May 22 at the Christopher /Kohl’s Fire Station.

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