Garden Service Celebrating 26 Years In Rim Country


Iris Garden Service has been in the Rim Country for 26 years. Owned and operated by 87-year-old Iris Buckpitt Shaw, the company provides yard cleaning services, will plant your gardens for you and maintain everything if needed.

The company can also install and maintain sprinkler systems.

In spite of being an octogenarian, Iris is still active in the business, but is assisted by two to four employees (depending on the season), who have been with her for five years. Their busiest time is generally from late February through November.

She has also now teamed up with her son Charlie, who has CJ Landscaping. He will do the hardscapes — driveways, walks and design larger jobs, while Iris and her crew do the other tasks to keep their customers’ landscapes crisp and cheerful.

Before coming to the Rim Country in 1978 and starting her business in 1984, Iris and her family lived in the Phoenix area, where they also operated a gardening and landscape business.

Iris says one of her specialties is roses — she has had a rose tree in her own yard for 30 years.

“I never plan on retiring. I will do it until I can’t do it anymore — gardening keeps me thin and my mind active,” Iris said.

Give Iris a call at (928) 474-5932 or (928) 951-3734 or e-mail her at


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