Health Legislation Has Too Much Junk In It



I am so much in favor of making sure all American citizens can get basic health care. The problem with the health care bill just passed into law is it has so much junk in it and is not paid for, so it most likely will not achieve the above mentioned goals. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick signed on to this new law; which among other things plans to extend coverage to 331,000 residents, reduce Rx costs for 127,000 Medicare recipients, provide subsidies to 203,000 households in the congressional district, and order private insurance companies to increase benefits and reduce premiums.

This is all well and good if you have a rich uncle paying for the subsidies and sponsoring local hospitals and drug companies. The problem Ann is that we don’t. How many people in the First Congressional District can afford to contribute to the cost of the above mentioned benefits? Can they afford the increased costs associated with the taxing of medical devices, or the trimming of $500,000 from Medicare and putting more of a burden on state-provided Medicaid (AHCCCS).

Things could have been done to reduce the costs so uninsured citizens can get basic health care, unburden hospital emergency rooms and put some limitations on insurance companies without this piece of legislative junk. The following eight suggestions would have been a start in the right direction without taking away our constitutional rights, destroying free enterprise, putting a financial burden on those that don’t qualify for subsidies and destroying our economy.

Reduce the cost of malpractice insurance by eliminating frivolous lawsuits and capping malpractice payouts to some sensible levels.

Get rid of bad doctors, don’t make good doctors pay for their malpractice.

Open health insurance to interstate sales.

Open more local low-cost clinics.

Subsidize doctor and nurse training for primary care.

Use the subsidized training graduates to staff local clinics.

Train and authorize nurses’ and doctors’ assistants to do more.

Set up an insurance risk pool for patients with preexisting conditions.

Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, did you vote for this health care bill without knowing what was in it, or did you know what was in it when you voted? In either case you did not fulfill your obligation to represent your constituents. Every day we hear of more lies we were told about this bill and still no one knows the real costs. I for one will not forget your vote when I cast mine.

Bob Reiver


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