Ideas For The Pine Community



I agree Pine is a wonderful town and would like to give my input as a resident on what the town needs.

I gathered these ideas from my visitors who came to visit and have given me these suggestions:

1) Camping/hunting/fishing supply store, 2) Dairy Queen/Tastee Freez type store, 3) miniature golf course, 4) horse riding stables where you can rent horses and learn to ride 5) canoe rentals, 6) move and expand the wonderful library to 87N, 7) move and expand the senior center to include meeting rooms and more parking, 8) art gallery for local artists to sell their works, 9) a new Laundromat, 10) renovate the old high school and make it a part of the museum.

I hope someone will look into developing these ideas. Pine is an opportunity just waiting for the right business people.

Beth Clymer


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