Will The Real Obama Stand Up



The statement of the month by Lt. Col. Peters, U.S. Marines (retired Special Forces), on Fox News a week or so ago and made this statement. “As long as there are some Islamic ideological Muslims such as Al Qaeda, Ivan, and others like them, there will never be peace on earth.” The ideological Muslims want to cleanse the earth of all infidels before the coming of the 12th Iman.

These are the radical and timeout who practice this ideology. It really proves that Obama favors Muslim countries, he bows to its leaders, he tells the Turkish Parliament that we are not a Christian country, he tells the Egyptian people that we will never go to war against any other Muslim country, he’s always apologizing to other Muslim nations for the actions of our country, never mentioning the good things this country has done for them. He wants to treat the Islamic terrorist as if they were just the same as if they were American criminals and not as terrorist.

He seems to favor Muslims and socialist activists. His past life history revolves around socialist, communist, radicals and Muslims. Why is he snubbing the UK and other European countries who were our allies and are now in some doubt, will the real Obama please stand up?

Ed Welge


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