Angry With School Board Decision



I would just like to say, I, for one, am highly angry about the cuts the board made. They picked people based on personal and political opinion. At this point as a community we have been lied to by the school board.

We were advised they needed the bond money to not layoff teachers. They received it, teachers were cut. They are finding every way to have parents pay 185 for kindergarten 200-plus for sports. We give these schools plenty of money and they are not using it wisely. At this point we need to replace the board and start over. My child is to start kindergarten this year. I will be home-schooling due to my strong issues with the school board and their poor tactics. They need to realize as taxpayers we have a say and should have of been fully advised what their plans were.

I will also be voting no on the sales tax. If we have to tighten our belts, so do they. We need to send a message that this is not acceptable.

Crystal Cox


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