It Is All About Compassion



Main Entry: com·pas·sion Pronunciation: k?m-?pa-sh?n It’s Their Calling …

With the recent loss of our husband, father, grandfather and father-in-law, Jim Milano, we found the true meaning of compassion.

When suddenly confronted with the realization he was ready to leave us, we turned to Hospice Compassus for help. There was little time for them to grasp the situation and get to know Jim. When Lorna arrived, she took on the role of nurse, confidant, phone receptionist, and friend.

Within the span of seven hours she shared intimate aspects of our lives and rode along as we went through an emotional roller coaster. She and her compatriot, Susie, will go on to others and share with them the sympathetic consciousness of their distress with a desire to alleviate it. When asked how she is able to do this, she said, this is my calling … Thank you.

Milanos, Brothmans and Volzes


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