Open Letter To Tea Party Patriots



An open letter to the Tea Party Patriots:

I want to ask the people in your party where all your anger was when the Supreme Court handed the 2000 election to George W. Bush?

Where was all of your patriotic outrage when that same administration trampled the Bill of Rights, suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus, broke the Geneva Convention and then won the 2004 election by telling slanderous lies about John Kerry’s service to his country in Vietnam? (Swift boats).

I suspect that you’re the same group of people that called anyone who dared to speak out about or question the Bush-Cheney administration traitors and worse. You let the word liberal drip from your tongues like venom.

I challenge any and all of you to look up the words liberal and conservative in your dictionary.

Obama is an American citizen and won the election by a clear majority; both popular and electoral. I submit that some of you are just sore losers, some of you want to replace our Democratic Republic with a theocracy or oligarchy, some of you are racist, all of you are hypocrites.

Exactly what liberties are you losing? Why do you think King George II was justified in taking our liberty in exchange for our security? Who would Jesus torture?

Kenneth Hyde


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