Work It Out Boys


Granted, this ride’s already gone on way past the regulation eight seconds. But we hope that the Pro-Rodeo Committee and the Rodeo Preservation Alliance will now display the qualities of any good cowboy — grit, humility and persistence.

Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill gave both sides good advice on their first court appearance: Work it out, boys.

Now he’s scheduled a May 5 hearing to see if they can get along like good neighbors on the frontier — or if they’ll insist on their own, mutually destructive not so Pleasant Valley range war. Here’s what we hope happens: We hope that the Pro-Rodeo Committee folks figure out some way to enlist the passion and expertise of the Alliance folks to stage this year’s summer rodeo.

Rumor has it that both sides have entered into serious negotiations aimed at a settlement. We hope that’s true.

Even without this sad little Civil War, the Payson Rodeo has its trouble — what with our little uncovered stadium and the move of professional rodeos into bigger and bigger stadiums in larger and larger cities — where they can capitalize on the potential cable television audience.

So hang on boys, don’t let go until the buzzer rings —then land on your feet, grinning. Wave your hat to the ladies and concentrate on not limping as you pass by the stands.


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