1932 Ford “Deuce” Vickie Special




1932 Ford “deuce” Vickie Special

Tom and Dottie Gossard belong to the Payson Car Club, R.C.C.A.C., and drive to many car shows during the year. After all the hard work, there is no trailering — the fun is in the driving. 

The photograph shows a “deuce” hot rod — deuce meaning the last number from 1932. There were many other automobiles made in 1932, but only a Ford is “deuce.” That is the respect hot rodders have for this Ford. ’32 was the first year Ford made a V8, the engine of choice for hot rodders for more than 30 years. Racers in the 1940s and 1950s wrote on the cowl — the immediate area of the hood — an advertisement for cams, engine builders, or perhaps their names. Our 1932 Ford is a “Victoria” — that is the reason she was christened the Vickie Special, following in the tradition of old time racers. Folks have asked me if that is my wife’s name. The answer is always the same, “no, it’s my girl friend’s name, my wife’s name is Dottie.”

Our ’32 Ford is an old restored hot rod. The top was chopped 3-1/2 inches. The car’s top was lowered as a way to streamline it back in the 1940s. The car was raced on the California dry lakes, Muroc and El Mirage, during that time. Dry lakes are large, long  flat spots like Bonneville, Utah, where racers could go flat out, as fast as the car could go. The “Vickie” has a hot motor, a built Chevy V8, hot cam, Dart Heads with big valves, high rise intake manifold topped with a big Holley carburetor. Followed by a Muncie 4 speed floor shift transmission, and a Ford 9 inch rear end.

When we bought the car in 1981, it was beat up, had bullet holes and was missing many parts. It was a real challenge to put it back on the highway.

But since it was one of many hot rods built in our garage, it just took some time and hard work.


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