Consultant Works To Minimize Risks, Improve Retirement Plans



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Laura Ann Bartlett has set off on her own by starting Bartlett Consulting Group.

After working 20 years under the wings of corporate companies, Laura Ann Bartlett decided to set off on her own and start a consulting business in March. Using her knowledge, enthusiasm and experience, Bartlett and her team of advisers help businesses and their employees achieve better retirement outcomes.

Bartlett Consulting Group focuses on helping business owners, corporations and nonprofits enhance their company-sponsored retirement plans while minimizing risk, she said.

Bartlett explained setting up and managing retirement plans is complicated and often overwhelming for a company.

When this happens, Bartlett steps in, straightens out the situation and gets the program back on track.

Bartlett consultants work with customers in three key areas: maximizing retirement benefits though plan design and review, minimizing risks through sound processes and managing costs with efficient and effective plans.

“We accomplish these goals by developing a customized service plan for you each year and we utilize only the most up to date industry tools and resources,” she said. “We are passionate about helping you, your business and your employees achieve financial security.”

Before starting her firm, Bartlett worked for a major investment management firm for many years. When the company underwent changes, Bartlett decided it was time to start her own company.

As a resident of Payson, Bartlett decided to start up the business from her home office, with an additional office in the Valley, at 10655 N. Ninth Street #210, Phoenix.

As a member of the Retirement Benefits Group, a consortium of retirement plan advisers throughout the Southwest, Bartlett works with 16 other consultants in California.

While Bartlett works with small to mid size clients in the area, she also covers the rest of Arizona, New Mexico, west Texas and portions of Southern California.

Bartlett said she is passionate about working with clients and setting up a plan that reaches the company’s objectives while minimizing their risks.

For more information, call (602) 416-1274 or e-mail


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