Go Tea Party



I would like to respond to Kenneth Hyde’s Tea Party questions. The 2000 election was legally won by George W. Bush and the Electoral College confirmed the election. I had no control as with Al Gore winning his Nobel Peace Prize for fake science.

As with most of your concerns I was happily at home and was employed until President Obama came to office and I realized this man is not what he says he is, he is worse than a traitor, for a traitor had to be a patriot before. Obama still does not salute the flag.

John Kerry’s service to his country in Vietnam was not patriotic and his actions today haven’t changed, he is still at work destroying the USA.

The word “liberal” does drip from my lip like venom because it is destructive, one reason is I have to pay for everyone else, the destruction of Jerusalem and wanton abortion.

Obama may be an American citizen but not a naturalized citizen. He won the election with the help of ACORN and Alieskey tactics. I may be a sore loser, or better, I am not happy with Obama’s hope and chains policies.

Here are a few liberties I am losing, my voice in Washington, my choice to choose my health insurance, my home value, and soon, my freedom to own firearms. It is remarkable that you end your rant with the name of Jesus, while the whole time you have replaced him as messiah Barry Soetoro. Go Tea Party!

Jeff Durbin


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