Numerous Telephone Scams Circulate Through Rim Country


The Gila County Sheriff’s Office warns residents of three telephone scams circulating through the area.

The first swindle involves a caller saying they represent a quick loan store that is owed money and must be paid immediately with a credit or debit card over the telephone or they will pursue litigation.

In the second scam, a caller from Canada says that a family member has been arrested and that they will stay in jail unless they receive money.

In the final scam, a subject claiming to be from a trust company says a large inheritance is available for claim and all they need is a checking or savings account number to deposit the funds.

“The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents that these are scams and not to give any personal information to these individuals. Do not give your debit or credit information over the phone to anyone you do not know.” If you have any questions, contact the Gila County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 425-4449.


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