Return Of Cell Phone Wanted



On a recent trip to Walmart, I had the misfortune to lose (?) my cell phone. My friend Laura (who works at Walmart) loaned me her phone to call my cell and luckily it was answered by Fernando. I told him who I was, but when I asked him to turn my phone into the lost and found, he denied that the phone was mine and hung up. I called my cell again, and again Fernando answered.

Fernando has my cell phone, I want my phone back. I have canceled service, so it is worth nothing to anyone except me. It holds pictures of my children, grandchildren and husband that I want back.

If anyone knows Fernando, please encourage him to do the right thing. It saddens me that the actions of one can cause the distrust of many!

Please return my cell phone to the Walmart lost and found or to the Verizon store.

C. A. Benysek


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