The Battle Of Payson Thanks You



To the people of Payson & the Rim Country,

I wanted to take the time to write and say once again how much all of us with We Make History have enjoyed working with community leaders such as Cameron Davis, Deb Rose and Mayor Kenny Evans to serve the people of Payson and the Rim Country through quality history-related education. It truly is a privilege to serve you.

The crowd that turned out for the second annual Battle of Payson on April 10 was very enthusiastic and the laughter, tears, shouts, handshakes and “thank yous” all demonstrated that they had quite a remarkable experience.

While up in Payson this past Sunday for a speaking engagement I was again pleasantly surprised by how many recognize us from the event and have a desire to talk about all the exciting experiences they witnessed and enjoyed — and the many things they learned.

But it is, of course, impossible to fully convey the full scope of human experience that was part of such cataclysmic periods as the American Revolution or American Civil War. Heroism and the most noble aspects of human nature often walked side by side with tragedy and suffering.

Our goal is to educate in a creative, visual, interactive way that will inspire all to dig deeper, to search out accounts from real people of historic time periods who were caught up in real events larger than themselves ... and learn from them. By doing so we believe that valuable insight can be gained to help us to be better citizens and better people in our own time. When we inspire and positively impact the lives of others — “We Make History!”

We look forward to planning for the 2011 Battle of Payson and finding ways each year to introduce new plot twists in the drama and continue in the mission of providing a dramatic educational experience that is exciting and rewarding for all.

We have already posted a partial gallery from our 2010 Battle of Payson. More photos will be added, but you can see a very nice selection now at http://www.battleofpayson .com/2010BattleofPayson/2010BattleofPayson.htm

Thank you.

Colonel Scott

We Make History


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