Concerned About What Is Happening To Our Country



I am probably one of the “Tea Party Patriots” that Mr. Hyde referred to in the April 20 edition of the Payson Roundup.

To begin with, I am a registered Independent and proudly voted for Democrat John Kennedy and Republican Ronald Reagan, and certainly no fan of George W. Bush.

In reference to the Supreme Court handing Bush the election, there were two comprehensive studies done after the election and in both cases they agreed with the Supreme Court’s decision. Both our liberal media and liberal colleges were among those who made these two studies.

As for John Kerry and his service to his country, I believe he was awarded three (that’s 3) Purple Hearts in about three months, didn’t miss a day of duty, and didn’t release his medical records for that time. I remember watching an interview with one of the doctors who treated John Kerry saying that he covered his wound with a “bandage like a large Band-Aid,” and didn’t even need any stitches. What an insult to real heroes and their Purple Hearts among them: (1) my favorite uncle who was killed in a tank battle in France during WWII (I have his medals including his Purple Heart), (2) our hired man on the farm who was like a big brother to me and was killed in the South Pacific and (3) a U.S. Marine residing in Payson who was shot up at Guadalcanal and who has his Purple Heart along with many other awards. I was fortunate in the military as I was a control tower operator in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict and was never in combat.

Mr. Hyde didn’t mention what branch of the military he had been in.

I am not particularly fond of our current president and never was impressed by great orators, but does that make me a racist? I have a picture signed by Alan Keyes on which he has written, thanking me by name, for my “loyal support during my 2000 campaign for president.” (Mr. Keyes is very black). I have a number of Democrat and Republican friends and I don’t believe Mr. Hyde would be a typical Democrat if he considers himself one.

I think that the Tea Party people versus those who want government to be more in control of our lives is an honest difference of opinion. I, for one, am very concerned as to what is happening to our country. We have taken some giant steps toward socialism in the last few months.

Dale Thoen


Dan Varnes 6 years, 9 months ago

Liberals seem to be absolutely furious and foaming at the mouth over the entire Tea Party movement. That tells me that the Tea Party group is doing something effective.

Like the old saying, "When you're right over the target, that's when you pick up the most flack!"

Very good letter, Mr. Thoen.


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