Friendliness Means Going Beyond Expectations


Friendly has many different meanings to many different people.

To some it is simply being nice. To others it is going the extra mile and breaking barriers between different types of people. Friendliness is going beyond expectations to do something for someone else. Friendliness can do great things to a great many people. We have personally witnessed the growth of many young men.

Our attitude directly influences them. Being older scouts, we are starting to move up in leadership, allowing us to teach and be friendly to many more people. As an NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) leader, Josh Leonard has had many opportunities to exemplify his friendliness.

The course, which Josh was a leader for, stresses friendliness and cooperation. Kenneth Nyhus, a local troops Senior Patrol Leader, has to be friendly to teach and make the younger youth feel welcome. Kenneth, being an experienced hiker, has had his fair share of experiences. A few months ago, while on a trip with the troop to Fossil Springs, Kenneth was placed in a tough situation.

One of our adult leaders had slipped and hit her head. Kenneth grabbed her pack and carried it, along with his, the mile back to her car.

He then resumed his hike to our camp. That is a shining example of friendliness in our eyes. Jeff Leonard, a local scoutmaster and forester, mentors Kenneth and Josh.

In Josh’s opinion, Jeff has taught him more about friendliness than anyone else in the world. Jeff dedicates much of his time to the youth of his troop. He is a man respected by all he meets because of his friendly attitude.

He has taught many youth what it means to be friendly. The word friendly cannot be taken lightly.

It carries more weight than many people realize. It isn’t just a wave to a friend or a good morning to a teacher; it is doing something for the common good with no expectation of reward. It is doing something no one would expect, but that the world can see.

Josh and Kenneth are both members of Boy Scout Troop 7354 in the Rim Country.


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