Government No Longer Represents The People



Following World War II, many grew up with radio, black-and-white television with rabbit ears remembering themes of good over evil with Superman, Roy Rogers, Davy Crocket and Gunsmoke. Technological advances led me to stick just to news, as “entertainment” had become amoral and profane.

Then, the news entering our homes went south with Clinton/Monica, O.J., Spitzer, Sanford, Edwards, Woods.

Like the frog placed in inviting warm water, progressives in both parties suggest and provide inviting but unconstitutional programs to win votes and wield power.

Now we are stuck with failing systems of Social Security and taxation by IRS coercion — not to mention Medicare, and now 2,700-page Obamacare.

“Wealth redistribution” and “social justice” might win elections, but cook our goose. Obama and the house and the senate continued electioneering techniques of temptation and deception. We now know our mistake of misplaced trust, just as we did with Clinton regarding his dalliances and last-hour pardons.

Our God-guided Founding Fathers who sacrificed everything to rid themselves of oppression under King George anticipated such, but hoped for better. When supposedly representative government no longer is representative, the people have not only the right, but duty, to take action.

We need to start by voting every one of them out of office and give some everyday citizens a chance to run this country. Lawyers have had control of this country for too long.

Once we elect new people, then we watch them and if they do not vote for and with the people then throw them out. Even they will learn that these positions belong to the people not to them. Get involved and join your Tea Party at 6 p.m. every Thursday at Famous Sam’s.

Jim Hinton


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