Media Provided Complaints Against George W. Bush



George W. Bush had a love for the USA and served this nation as a pilot in the National Guard. GWB will be remembered for loving and defending his country. Somehow some are wondering where the Tea Party’s complaints were during GWB’s presidency, clearly you have forgotten that the media beat GWB down on a daily basis; the media provided the complaints, although most were false claims.

The Tea Party and/or similar groups would have started years earlier if Al Gore would have won that election, for Gore has a socialistic ideology.

Our current president has no love for this country and seems to do his best to apologize, socialize and disarm this nation. Obama has never served this nation in any form of military experience and is best described as a “community organizer” with strong ties to anti-government extremist groups, Weather Underground to Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Unlike GWB, Obama will not salute the U.S. flag, our greatest symbol of freedom. Obama doesn’t act like a U.S. citizen; he acts like a foreign national that wants to destroy this nation.

He has filled many governmental posts with partisans that share the same ideology, hating the USA and the beliefs that we held dear. He has effectively removed all military deterrents from us being attacked by a foreign nation. He cannot be called a traitor, for a traitor had to be an American at one time before switching sides. He is nothing but an enemy of the USA.

Jeff Durbin


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