Home–(Emotion+Clutter)+ Competitive Price=Sale


How do you get your home sold?

The easy answer is you find a buyer who is qualified to purchase your home.

The hard part is finding the buyer who is qualified today and who likes your home.

First, what you paid for your home has no relation to what it will sell for today.

You have to get by how much you may lose or how much you could have made if you sold it years ago.

No doubt most of us have an emotional attachment to our homes; however, you have to look at your home from the buyer’s perspective.

In today’s market, if the home is not competitively priced, it will not sell.

Realtor’s price homes by comparable sales in the home’s locale and are often met with a seller who thinks their home is worth more than statistics indicate.

If it is listed at the seller’s wishful thinking price, we call this an “overpriced” listing that will languish on the market.

Truth be told, even some Realtors get emotional and irrational about the pricing of their own homes when they go to sell them.

Many sellers will point out all the fine touches they have done to their homes.

For example, homeowners will tell us about how they handpicked their kitchen cabinet knobs or the special curtains on the windows.

The amenities are important to the seller, but to be honest, the buyer just does not care if it does not suit their taste and these amenities will not make the home’s value higher.

My mother-in-law loved pink and used the color throughout her home.

Her bedroom was so garish that you needed sunglasses.

Honestly, it is a wonder that she could sleep in that room, but she loved it and she enjoyed it while she lived there.

A prospective buyer would not get by her taste so in order to sell the property we would suggest neutral paint colors so the buyers could envision living in the home.

Clutter is a killer.

You cannot fault a homeowner’s desire to be surrounded by the possessions they love; however, a buyer needs to see the home.

If a home is full of stuff, the buyer will only see the stuff and not place themselves in the home.

Pack some boxes, rent a storage unit and anticipate your move.

Lastly, when the Realtor shows your home to a potential buyer, you should be out of the home.

Because of the emotional attachment to the home, sellers tend to want to get involved with the buyer and explain every nuance of their home.

This puts pressure on the buyer and often times leads to a hurried exit which diminishes the chance of a sale.

It is best to leave the showing and selling of the home in the hands of an experienced real estate professional.

Ray Pugel is a designated broker for Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty. Contact him at (928) 474-2216.


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