Senator Allen Is The Right Choice



At a time when politicians do not seem to be listening to the voters and their approval rating is at an all-time low, we, in District 5 are lucky to have a senator who listens and really works for her constituents. Senator Allen has a reputation for fairness and respect for others’ opinions, but still has a strong moral foundation. When I met Senator Allen, I was impressed by how open she was and willing to listen to what others had to say. That is so unlike politicians today.

When Allen learns of a concern, she takes the time to do her homework so she understands the intricacies of the situation and then she takes action. In my position on the college board I saw this first hand. Senator Allen talked and listened to people, gathering information on the current status of Gila Community College and then she acted. After completing her research she went to the senate president the very next time she was at the Capitol and asked for a GCC Task Force. The charge of the task force was to develop legislation that would provide a path for “provisional” colleges to become independent. A goal that some have sought for 10 years. The legislation will be ready for the January session.

Senator Allen speaks to and understands the common person and her record supports her constituents’ views. The Goldwater Institute gives her an A- rating on her voting record. For these and many other reasons, I endorse Senator Allen and ask you to seriously consider her in the upcoming District 5 primary election.

I would like to remind all that independents also can vote in this primary.

Tom and Mary Loeffler


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