Holy Soap Opera


What is it that compels us to want to know detailed accounts of other people’s lives? It doesn’t matter that the individuals are famous and wealthy from Hollywood or they are just average “Joe’s” from the neighborhood, we are just as curious as ever to have knowledge of what is happening with their lives. It can be a factual, life story or something made up like soap operas.

The media industry has definitely capitalized on this market. On TV, there are countless reality shows that shoot the ratings high with these various shows. Everything from the topic of marriage, travel, adventure, family, you name it, just about every channel has these shows. Not to mention talk shows… all with endless commercials in which each one boasts of being the best, not to mention pleading for your attention to tune in and watch.

So far, we are just talking about the television; we haven’t even touched the Internet, radio, movies or the magazines at the checkout counters that scream in a loud, colorful voice to purchase the latest updated scoop. I can hear them say as I stand in line with the one item I forgot to get when I originally went shopping, “If you buy me, I will fill you in with all the juicy details of the latest celebrities and the intricate happenings in their glamorous, glitzy, and famous lives!”

I have heard it said, “The Bible is the best soap opera ever.” I agree!

If you think there are “juicy” tidbits regarding current media celebrities, read the Bible. 

It is a soap opera because of all the corrupt things that humans have done, as well as the holy; all at the same time because of the great love that a holy God had for His people.

Episodes to a Saga

All the catastrophic events came forth at the beginning. It all started in the Garden of Eden when through one man, Adam, death became the destination for him and all mankind. Murder, betrayal, lying and many other behaviors not pleasing to God followed.

The story unfolds with Moses and the patriarchs, the Fathers to the Israel nation Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — within these lives we see how God used these great men despite behaviors such as greed, stealing, lying and more.

Episode Two enfolds the judges, kings and prophets of Israel. Throughout these books of the Old Testament you will find all kinds of behaviors of mankind. It increases from bad to worse. The rule of good kings only to be overthrown by evil ones and back and forth for many, many years. In addition, there was the worship of idols, murder, wars, greed, incest, abuse of every kind, prejudice, war, jealousy, vengeance, anger and adultery.

Commercial break

Now for a commercial break in this Biblical soap opera. The scriptures, in the same fashion as commercials today, crank the volume up a couple of decibels making sure to capture every listening ear. This interruption of the program was a declaration of the promise of a Deliverer coming in the midst of all this mess — the One, the Redeemer who will come through the descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the tribe of Judah. We see in every book of the Bible from the Creation of man, Call to Abraham, Times of Judges, Prophets, King David and Israel and Judah’s day all the way to each book in the New Testament.


The incredible climax of this glorious love story, at the end of this soap opera of trials, tragedies and tribulations is the greatest triumph of all, Christ! He is the knight in shining armor riding in on a white horse (literally — read Revelation 19), the Prince saving his damsel in distress and a strong Warrior and a brave strong Soldier that defeats the enemy leaving him powerless and demonstrating the outrageously, overflowing love that God has for those He created.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”


Do you sometimes feel like your life is like a soap opera — never ending with the twists and turns of drama in your life?

Do you feel like you do not measure up to God and devastated at once again failing at the very thing you swore you would not do again?

Do you feel once you see the storms dying down in your life, when the stillness comes it is a prelude of the storm getting bigger with louder thunder and the potential of more devastation?

If you said yes to any of these, there is hope for you. Hope at the cross, hope in your situation and hope for an everlasting life in heaven. Come and bring your soap opera to Jesus and watch Him bring holiness to it by the blood spilt 2,000 years ago. Come!

About the author

Simone Lake, a pastor’s wife and full time minister, serves in the areas of Bible teacher, speaker and author. She is also a missionary, mentor and chaplain. She holds a master’s degree in theological studies and attends Church on Randall Place where she serves in various capacities alongside her husband, Pastor John Lake. Read more about her speaking engagements, Bible studies and upcoming events at: www.simonelake.com or www.simonelake.blogspot .com or www.facebook.com/SimoneLake.


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