Amnesty International Did An About Face



The Payson Roundup on July 30, reported that a chapter of Amnesty International, with ties to the U.N. Conference on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), is being formed in Payson. At an organizational meeting on Aug. 2, volunteers were invited to write or sign letters to U.S. senators and make Popsicle stick worry dolls to send to senators demanding ratification of the UN CEDAW Treaty.

I like writing letters, and I sure could use one of those worry dolls. Why so? — you might ask. Let me explain:

Amnesty International (A.I.) and CEDAW have done much to promote human rights and the rights of women. However, behind this focus lies a hidden, radical feminist agenda which denies the most basic human right, the right to life.

After many years of claiming neutrality on abortion A.I. did an about-face some years ago (2007?) and began advocating for unrestricted abortion around the world, thus disqualifying itself as a defender of human rights and losing the support of most pro-life groups, including the Vatican.

Abortion is also sanctioned by CEDAW, even though half the babies killed would one day grow up to be women.

The CEDAW treaty was crafted by radical feminists, was adopted by the UN general Assembly in 1979, was signed by Carter in 1980, (but never ratified), was then unsuccessfully resurrected by Clinton in 1996.

If CEDAW ever is ratified by the U.S. Senate (Biden and Boxer are pushing for this) it would take precedence over the U.S. Constitution(!), diminish the rights and benefits American women now enjoy, and give global bureaucrats extraordinary power over U.S. law, subjecting it to the International Criminal Court.

Already some nations that have ratified the treaty have been chastised by CEDAW compliance committee “experts” for: promoting a stereotypical view of the role of women in the home and as mother (Ireland); instituting Mother’s Day (Belarus); having less than 30 percent of children in organized day care (Slovenia); not decriminalizing prostitution (China); not legalizing abortion (Burundi); permitting doctors to refuse to do abortions on religious or conscientious grounds (Croatia and Italy); following the Koran’s teaching against abortion (Libya); not achieving quotas for women candidates (Belgium).

To cite just a few articles from the treaty: Article 2, would mandate a gender-neutral military; Article 10, would authorize the UN to revise school textbooks to conform to feminist ideology and semantics; Article 11, would require a federal network of child-care facilities; Article 16, would attack states’ rights and oblige the federal government to take over all family law, marriage, divorce, child custody, property.

If this doesn’t merit a bag full of worry dolls, will anything?

Carol A. Suhr


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