Can’T Trust Tv News



Fox News has shown its true reporting tactics, this time regarding Sherry Sherrod, causing undo national concern and great harm to an individual.

As usual, their one-sided story went unchecked and accepted as fact by an unwary public.

Misrepresenting the facts to a large American audience is indicative of the brainwashing that occurs every day. The average working person doesn’t have time to verify statements made by TV news, radio stations or politicians. It’s no wonder we are at the mercy of the syndicated news networks and it’s no wonder the country is in its current state of affairs.

Journalists have a responsibility to report facts, not rumors or what was spoon-fed to them by our controlling politicians and corporations.

Instead of knee-jerk reactions and quick conclusions, we need honest representation, researched reporting and reliable information. In order to maintain our Democrat/Republican system of government, we must be an informed citizen that can make voting decisions and debate intelligently.

If the major news networks do not maintain a fair balance between the citizens and the government we as a society are doomed. When a news source has to rely on crime, murder and celebrity affairs to maintain their credibility, they should also be doomed.

Denise Miller


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