Crowded Constable Field



The field is flooded with candidates for the position of constable. The most aggressive for that position is Colt White. We signed his petition for nomination to run for the position because we believe everyone who wants to run should have that opportunity. That being said, we also signed petitions for some others as well.

Several things have caused us concern regarding Mr. White. The first is the wisdom of sending a very young person going door to door distributing hand bills for Mr. White’s campaign unsupervised. The young man we met identified himself as a son of Mr. White’s. Two problems seem to arise from that, the first is, we believe, the town ordinance against distributing hand bills door to door and the second is the wisdom of dispatching a very young person to distribute them in a neighborhood where sex offenders reside. Mr. White alleges he is an 18-year reserve deputy (although he is vague on details) so the question begs an answer, Why endanger your son in such a manner? Shouldn’t there be an adult present to protect the child? It seems to us a matter of poor judgment. A quality necessary for the position of constable.

The third question about Mr. White is: Why does a rich person want a mediocre job for a mediocre wage? Mr. White says he is the son of Phil White a wealthy former car dealer from Star Valley. I have to ask why he would need a job? He seems to have plenty of money for this campaign. The others I can understand because they are not rich like Mr. White.

Finally, Mr. White seems to have a problem communicating with the public. When the Roundup asked for him to answer a questionnaire for publication he declined, instead he had his campaign manager forward a campaign promotional statement which didn’t cover the questions by the Roundup. All the others gave a full accounting. Other candidates for town council and Gila County justice of the peace in the recent past have campaigned door to door and given us the voters an opportunity to meet, greet and question them.

Having read the qualifications of each candidate for constable, we have decided upon Michelle Dyer. She seems to be the most qualified for the position having worked under at least two constables for several years as a deputy constable. She has filled in for every position in that office and performed the duties competently, it seems, otherwise why would they continue to retain her services?

As a voter, the things we are looking for in a candidate are honesty, integrity and knowledge of the position and Ms. Dyer seems to have all of the these. In addition, recent op/eds seem to favor Ms. Dyer.

Sterling Lanphear


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