Immigration Reform Too Important To Ignore



Two questions: Why immigration reform and why now? The first question is easy; we’ve known for decades that a comprehensive immigration policy was needed. However, neither political party has had the gumption to get it done, whatever is decided will obviously be disliked by a large segment of the population and that will cost votes. So, each administration decided to pass along that very hot potato in hopes that it would be the other party that would suffer the displeasure of so many voters.

So, the second question, why now? We already have a very fair and realistic law on the books that penalize the employers that hire the illegals. That is a much more effective use of law enforcement and will actually strike a blow to the underlying root of the problem; the immigrants would not be coming here if no one would hire them. Yet there has been little or no enforcement of that law. And the crime rate in Arizona border towns has actually declined to the lowest level in years and Obama has added a large number or border patrols since his election, more than had been in force during Bush’s administration.

So, why the urgency now? Could it possibly be in any way due to the upcoming gubernatorial election? Is this very “hot button” subject being used to build a fire under voters more likely to vote for a governor that appeared to be pushing Bush’s administration?

And Kyl had written about the trip that he and McCain had made to the border and how the federal government had failed in their responsibility to resolve the problems there. Well, I’d like to remind him that he and McCain are the federal government and if it had been such a pressing problem, why had they not been submitting their own immigration reform solutions for a Senate vote?

They have had years to work on this, what excuse do they have? And the immigration reform that McCain had put forward in the past, and that is very similar to what Obama and the Democrats propose, has now been abandoned by him. Again, why not? Perhaps because it would cost him votes?

This is too important an issue to just be used for political gain.

Wendy Trainor


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