Senior Surprise



Last Sunday as I was waiting for the formal service to begin at the Payson Bible Fellowship, which we hold at the Rim Country Health and Retirement Community Apartments’ dining center, a resident of the apartments told me a story, which I would like to share with you.

Recently, she received a phone call from town hall of Payson telling her that her dog’s license was about to expire.

She explained that she was a 90-plus-year-old lady that she had no car, didn’t drive, and could not afford to take a cab both ways to and from town hall.

The next thing she knew, there was knock at her door. A very nice young man was asking for her dog’s papers. He took them to town hall and returned shortly with her dog’s license.

Believe me, I could not have made this up. The next time you hear a story about a town of Payson employee, tell them about this one.

J.P. Bill Powers


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