Arizona’S Implosion



Have you ever witnessed an implosion in person or on television? It’s where something, usually an older building, is purposely destroyed from the inside. I’m very fearful and chagrined that our beautiful and wonderful state is currently experiencing an implosion of its own.

In 40 years of proudly living in Arizona, I’ve never heard nor seen such hatefulness, hostility, rancor, and incivility as is happening in 2010.

Where are the leaders like Bruce Babbitt, Burton Barr, Rose Mofford or John J. Rhodes? They were able to bring us together, to put the common good ahead of real or perceived nuances, and they were able to reach out to others they may not have agreed with, but they were still able to encourage civil discourse.

I’d be willing to vote for any Democrat, Independent or Re­publican, or any conservative or liberal, if they would declare a moratorium for 90 days on all of the negativity that’s afflicting our state. Instead, I’d welcome debate and discussion on education, health care, jobs, prisons, social services, roads and tourism — all matters of major importance to all Arizonans.

I miss our “old” Arizona and I fervently hope our current state of implosion doesn’t destroy our past as well as our future.

Richard K. Meszar


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