Focus On The Candidates



This is not a campaign endorsement for Colt White, even though I think he would make a very good constable. It is a request for people to carefully consider the content of their letters and the impact they have in such a small town. The issues mentioned in the mean-spirited letter regarding Colt White were untrue and irrelevant to the position of constable.

Payson is very fortunate to have several well-qualified candidates running for constable. Please remember that we live in a small town where the candidates’ family (including children), friends and neighbors read the newspaper.

In addition, the candidates will likely live here long after the election is over. As the election grows nearer, I’m concerned that the personal attacks on each of the candidates will get worse and be unnecessarily damaging to them and their families.

I’m sure each of the candidates brings strengths and weaknesses to the position. Please focus on what those are and do it in a way that is not damaging or hurtful.

Leona Hodges


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