No Crossroads At Gcc



I have read with interest the stories you’ve printed over the months concerning Gila Community College (GCC). It appeared that you were somehow disappointed with the college, but week after week the only real complaints seemed to be the lack of independence from Eastern Arizona College (EAC) and the board’s frustration with the accounting system being used by EAC. When the investigative report was published on July 30 I thought I would finally learn why you were so concerned about GCC. But other than a lengthy history of the college and one critical e-mail from some faculty, the investigative report revealed very little.

What the July 30 edition did reveal was overwhelming student satisfaction with GCC. Surely this student response should be the most important indicator of how well the college is performing.

Independence from EAC is probably a worthy goal for GCC, but we need to learn the cost to the community before we all jump on that bandwagon.

In the meantime, if Roundup staffers spent more time in the classroom and less in the boardroom they might see what the rest of us see — a beautiful small college performing a vital role in the community by offering a wide range of academic, technical, and life-enrichment courses.

Richard Holthausen


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