Now Is Best Time To Treat Trees For Webworms



Have you noticed any webworms on your apple trees this summer?

Or any other tree for that matter, these caterpillars are not too picky. The forest health information alert is telling us that the webworm is a native insect that is active in the Payson area.

Most of the webs are still small and few in number this year. Now is the best time to treat the small caterpillars that are located within the webs before they increase in size and number. The insect is most visible in the Tonto Creek area north of Kohl’s Ranch.

Most of the trees that live in our area could be infected.

Proper disposal of the webs would be to prune out the branches and dispose of them in plastic bags.

Caution: Caterpillar hairs can cause irritation if accidentally rubbed into the eyes.

Check your trees in late August and September if a second generation occurs and prune out webs.

If you would like more information on pesticides, please go to the Web site: http://www. for more information. In the Payson area, Bob Celaya is a forest health specialist and can be reached at the Payson field office. The number is (928) 474.2689.

Charitable contributions

With the very bad economy in our area as well as elsewhere, and school has just started, there is a need for socks, underwear and shoes for the schoolchildren in the surrounding area.

An organization known as Kaitie’s Closet is doing its best to help those people in need. Either a donation of clothes or money would be appreciated and the people in our area who can be contacted for either kind of donation is Nancy Yoakum at (928) 478-4370 or Dara Sutton at (928) 478-0052.

The next time that clothes will be distributed is Aug. 25 at Rim Country Middle School. Either Nancy or Dara can be contacted for more information and give you the time of distribution.

Tonto Village Chapel

Tonto Village Chapel will be holding a community barbecue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 14 in the chapel parking lot. Free hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and water along with free popcorn and snow cones will be served. Many games are also scheduled such as horseshoes, etc. Come and join in the fun and meet your neighbors.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The Hellsgate Fire Department has hired on seven new firefighters to the reserve staff. They are Billy McCane, Dale Hayes, Ken Simpson, JR Szabo, David Alexander, Janelle Garrison and Thorry Smith.

The process was long and hard and they persevered and pulled through. Congrat­ulations to all the new firefighters.

There will be a free, free, free, friends and family CPR class held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 17 at station #21 in Star Valley. The maximum number of people that will be able to attend is 16, so call Karen Carlen and sign up now at (928) 474-3835.

Chief Hatch says that the grant for removing brush will end Aug. 31, everyone who already has their paperwork in will have their brush picked up. The fire department is applying for another grant for brush removal but it will take a few more months to become activated.

The fire department is also working on creating a firebreak for common areas in homeowners associations in the Whispering Pines and Christopher Creek areas, as well as other communities. Contractors will be hired and the grant would pay for 90 percent and the homeowners would pay 10 percent. For more information on more of the details, call the Star Valley station #21 at (928) 474-3835.


The yearly event, “Duel of the Dominoes” will be held Wednesday, Aug. 18. The Christopher Creek domino group and the Domino Divas from Tonto Village will be dueling it out over domino tables at the Christopher Creek Bible Church beginning at 1 p.m. All those attending should be prepared for the duel of their lives with lots of fun, laughter and loot.

Please bring a covered dish to be shared by all and kindly bring a recipe with your dish so that we can share the bounty. Don’t miss the duel of the year, and we hope to see you there.


Happy belated birthday to Hellsgate Fire board member Charlie Conover. His big day was Aug. 4. Charlie has been a member of the board for a number of years. We applaud him for his many years of dedicated service.

One of the new reserve firefighters, Dave Alexander, celebrated his birthday Aug. 9. Congratulations

Fire Lt. Chris Lecher had his big day Aug. 11. Trina Houdek of Tonto Village celebrates her birthday on Aug. 14. Here’s hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles.

Pool results

Kara Shaw of Tonto Village shot for first place on Tuesday evening at the Double D Restaurant and Bar when the gals from Christopher Creek and Tonto Village got together for their weekly game of nine-ball. Nancy Olson of Christopher Creek took second place and Ethel Cain of Tonto Village shot for third place. Congratulations girls.

Labor Day

Ethel Cain, owner of the Double D has already started planning for the big Labor Day weekend. She has booked Lynda St. John to perform on Saturday, Sept. 4. Lynda always draws a big crowd, so set your calendars to come and watch her perform after the big barbecue held earlier in the day at the Tonto Village Fire Station hosted by the Hellsgate Fireflies.

The hours for the event are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a bake sale for the sweet tooth people and the big raffle for a chain saw, homemade quilt and a diamond necklace and earring set at 1:30 p.m. An auction will also be held throughout the event. So mark your calendars for a big day in Tonto Village on Saturday, Sept. 4.


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