Negativity Showing Up In Politics



I am not a regular Letter to the Editor writer, but am somewhat bothered by the negativity shown in politics recently, especially when statements are obviously untrue and misguiding in nature. In his letter on Friday, Aug. 6, 2010 entitled “Crowded constable field,” Mr. Lanphear assumes and wants us to believe that candidate Colt White, running for constable, is aggressive; that he sends “very young children” door to door campaigning for him; and that Colt is a “rich person” that really doesn’t need a job.

I do not know his opponents in the race and do not need to because I have known Colt and his families for the last 21 years since we moved in to Payson. We are not even of the same party affiliation.

What I do know is that he is indeed aggressive in his campaign and should be. You may not remember that he resigned from his position in the Gila County Sheriff’s Office to run for the position and that he is definitely not rich. I cannot imagine how having owned the Ford dealership in Star Valley would automatically make anyone rich. By the way, his father Phil White passed on recently. Sales and employment did not even make his father and uncles rich. One uncle has had to move to Globe for a job selling insurance to feed his family and in doing so sacrificed a very important church position to feed his family.

Colt has a family of at least six and I know that he would never be considered rich in monetary terms, having lost a home early on to a major fire, and having to rebuild. Colt’s position with the Ford dealership, I believe was parts manager or repair/maintenance coordinator. Not one of great salary. In truth, Colt needs the job to feed his growing family.

As a matter of fact, two of his three sons came to my door with pamphlets. I happen to know both. They are not young children and are very aware of their surroundings and capable as active Boy Scouts of protecting themselves. They were almost 19 and 16 years of age respectively and I would trust them with my life. They also had a family vehicle parked within 50 yards of them. I did not see the driver, but would bet that it was a family member.

Additionally Mr. Lanphear would be wisely advised that petition documents state clearly that one cannot sign but one petition for a candidate in the same position. It is on every petition by law.

I am proud to announce that this Democrat will be voting for Colt White in the general election.

Gerald W. Foster


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