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After looking for a used IBM Selectric on the Internet, one or two were found, but of unknown condition and quality. Then, a phone call to Quality Plus, run by Gary and Rosemary Reed, right here in Payson. Eureka! Not only did Gary make sure that it was in prime condition, he also went the “extra mile, to “unearth” an instruction booklet for this more modern version, since the one I was used to was a “fossil” and did not possess some of the more up-to-date features. Within days of purchasing the Selectric, I was able to happily type away. Now, that is what I call Quality Plus!

Remember the old advertising slogan “Try it — you’ll like it!” Not only did I get the product I really wanted, I also met these two delightful people who truly exhibit dedicated customer service.

Irina Lockwood


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