Poem Honors Search And Rescue Volunteers


The Call of God

On an August day, Cloudy and dim,

In Payson, Down south of the Rim,

Heath Heard the call

From the savior of all,

There was no mistaking him!

Travis, a young boy, was lost.

He had to be found at all cost,

And somehow Heath knew-

With the help of a few-

He would meet this challenge God tossed!

As one by one his friends gathered near,

His urgency they could all hear,

So they abandoned their plans

To lend him their hands,

And bring home a child so dear.

John, in his plane, flew the skies,

Using copilot Heath’s eagle eyes

And they determined the course

For the ones on the horse,

A lone woman flanked by two guys.

To Beth, Wyman, and Gary Heath passed

The weight of the favor God asked

And with conviction and joy,

Heath said: “Go find that boy!”

And gave a sigh of relief, at long last.

Though the land which they travelled was raw,

Full of brush, thorny plants, and cat claw,

They continued to call

As their shadows grew tall

And prayed their plan and their path held no flaw.

From a canyon, dark and deep

Under a bush where he’d fallen asleep

The small boy finally replied

“I’m down here!” he cried

As his rescuers felt their hearts leap!

When Travis stepped out to the light,

The angel beside him took flight,

For the call God had made

Had been answered in spades

When they saved that sweet boy from his plight!


heath wacker 6 years, 5 months ago

It was a great day.Officer Heflin is actually the one that told us to look over in whiskey canyon and it all worked out.It was a great team effort from every agency that was involved to the members of the public that worked so hard to find Travis.Thank you Amalia for the wonderful words but I was just doing what everybody else was doing.


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