Children Are Priority



My thanks to Suzanne Jacobson for including me in the article about Arizona Senate candidates’ spending for the election. Yes, my budget is small, but I’m making up for it in hard work. I refuse to believe that money can buy elections.

I am in this campaign for one major reason, and that’s the children of Arizona. I want to reinstate funding for the things that are good for children, particularly the children of rural and small-town Arizona. These include preschool, all-day kindergarten, Kids Care, K-12 education, and colleges.

I am furious that there are candidates who want to balance our budget on the backs of little kids while they promote tax cuts for corporations and elimination of the property tax for folks who are fortunate enough to own property.

The past Legislature was too wimpy to make their wealthy friends pay their fair share of taxes, so they voted to give us the choice of voting for a 1 percent sales tax increase that is much higher proportionately on the poor and middle class than it is on the wealthy. The poor and middle class passed that increased burden on themselves in order to save further cuts in schools and the Kids Care program. It wasn’t fair, but we did it because we care about our kids.

I am not advocating raising taxes, but I do want to use your tax dollars more effectively to benefit our next generations. Care about your kids, and vote for me. I have no political ambitions, I don’t have rich friends, and I am beholden to no one.

Elaine Bohlmeyer


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